Education, augmented.


Imagine a world where you can learn chemistry surrounded by holographic representations of atoms.
Imagine a physics course where equations come to life before your very eyes,
while your environment changes to better express the phenomenon studied.
Imagine a virtual laboratory where you can practice manipulations and experiments before the big day.
Imagine a world where you, as a teacher, are being able to offer such a studying platform to your students...

At Altheria, this world already exists. And we would like to share it with you and your students.


The gateways to a new dimension.

Immersive Virtual Labs

Discover our virtual reality package and immerse yourself in an environment designed for learning. Master new concepts and rediscover old ones while they come to life before your very eyes. Perform complex gestures and manipulations in fully-equipped laboratories and workspaces without leaving your office.

Augmented workshops

New York
Drastically enhance your workshops with the addition of a new dimension. Thanks to augmented reality, we provide an holographic environment seamlessly integrated into the real world, making a whole new array of interactions possible.

Holographic lectures

New York
Do not convey your message on limited 2D slides : enter a new world of interaction with your audience with the help of 3D holograms and real time feedback.


Meet our battle-tested prototypes.

Our team

Multiple insights, one common vision.