Practice Makes Perfect.

Logia is The Definitive Design Suite for Virtual Reality Experiences and Trainings.

Deliver impactful VR trainings

Logia offers intuitive tools that allow for the design of lifelike VR training workshops. At its core : ease of use, realistic simulation of manufacturing processes and leverage of existing CAD resources. Replicating real-life work conditions has never been that easy.

Logia Imports Everything

Populate your experience with a broad range of media files and CAD designs, and augment your 3D models with interactive multimedia content.

Import commonly used 3D formats, from .fbx and .obj to CAD files.

Add video clips, resize them, place them, and watch them in VR.

Import PDF documents into the experience, and browse them page by page.

Good audio makes good experiences. Logia supports spatial audio and voice-overs.

Import images of all sizes into your Logia experiences, and place them into the virtual environment.

Fine-tune your scenarios

Take advantage of our powerful node system : 

One step can diverge into two subsequent steps
to model deviations and faults.

Two steps can also lead to the same subsequent step,
to model an outcome common to two steps.

VR is only one click away

Swap between Edit mode and VR mode in a matter of seconds, and discover a frictionless way to preview your experience. 

Logia is compatible with any SteamVR-enabled headset, and is easy to integrate into an existing

VR workstation. Popular suitable devices include:


Oculus Rift

Valve index

Valve Index

HTC Vive

Logia in one diagram

The chart below illustrates a step-by-step typical user experience.

Manage your activity from one place

Meet The Hub, a platform that acts as a general menu for Logia.

At the core of your creative process, you are able to create new experiences from pre-existing templates. The Hub is the place where you manage all your experiences, across all your devices. As it hosts  everything related to your Logia management, you will find there additional services that can be acquired later.

About Altheria

Altheria and its members strongly believe that many activities can be enhanced by Extended Realities. This belief leads our company to build ground-breaking XR solutions and address issues previously unresolved by managers, trainers and educators all around the world.

To thrive and endure, innovative technologies must be supported by real use cases. By focusing on training and education, we aim to demonstrate the global impact Extended Realities can have on most organisations. 

Meet The Team

Cyprien, CEO

Cyprien has led and shipped numerous XR-related projects. Passionate about new technologies, he cofounded Altheria to bring ambitious products with a global reach to life.

Dimitra , CFO

Figuring out how an XR Startup makes money requires talent and perception. With her Master in Business Economics, Dimitra makes sure our team can operate at full performance.

Amaury, CTO

Amaury graduated from Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in 2018. As a talented graphics engineer and the leader of our development team, he has collaborated with Cyprien to ensure the success of several innovative software projects.

Can-David, CDO

Can-David is a polyvalent designer with a knack for accessibility and innovative user-driven experiences. He is responsible with translating our team's vision into consistent design elements and user interfaces.

Alexander, Software Eng.

With his extensive background in software engineering and design, Alexander is the cornerstone of our development team. His forward-looking outlook on technology and his drive for innovation make him an invaluable asset to the company.

3D Animator

Gilles’ outstanding skills are essential to build AR and VR experiences brimming with life. A graduate from Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, he has dedicated his proficiency in 3D animation and game development to Altheria ever since.

Crafting Immersive, Interactive and Intuitive Tools

Altheria strives to deliver state-of-the-art solutions, built exclusively for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our ambition is to reach beyond the simple human-to-machine interaction, and to offer tools that reinstate the power of such technologies into the hands of human operators. 

Contact Us

  • +32 495 84 29 36
  • Boulevard d'Anvers, 40 1000 Bruxelles Belgium