Creating Augmented and Virtual Reality software
that gives a new dimension to education and training.

Your long-term relationship with AR and VR starts here.

Let us show you how interacting with a virtual world can help you to get a better grasp on the real one.

We are developing educational software and training simulations in virtual and augmented reality. Our applications are designed to be key components of learning paths and training programs, while being easy to integrate within existing platforms. We thus bring real value to our customers, by providing them with AR/VR tools that withstand the test of time and truly improve knowledge transfer.

As such, our solutions are all focused on supporting existing communication platforms, whether they aim to be complementary to ex-cathedra lectures, to ease the reading of a book through the addition of multimedia content, to allow industrial instructors to build their own VR content from CAD models, or simply to teach various concepts.


An educational cooperation-based VR game about color theory.

Developed for HTC Vive.


A VR and AR supplement to University-level electrostatics lectures.

Developed for Android and iOS phones


An AR multimedia book that seamlessly displays content when the user turns pages.

Developed for Microsoft HoloLens.

Orbital Mayhem

An educational VR game about Kepler's laws

Developed for HTC Vive

Sol VR : Vector Operations

A VR interactive course on vector operations.

Developed for HTC Vive.


An educational game about organic molecules and chemistry.

Developed for the RED Hydrogen One, the first holographic mobile phone.

Our next step :

    We are currently working on Logia, a toolbox allowing Manufacturing and Technology Companies to build Virtual Reality Training Sessions aimed at assembly line workers and technical operators, straight from CAD designs and 360° videos.

    Our solution aims to reduce costs associated with practical training sessions by reducing reliance on physical infrastructure and elements. For example, a virtual reality assembly process simulation does not consume any components ! We also provide instructors and trainees with a realistic and controlled environment, where lifelike interactions take place alongside relevant multimedia content.

    Logia also comes bundled with an intuitive editor that allows engineers and instructors to build virtual reality sessions in a few clicks, starting from the CAD model of the assembled device. Then, using a node-based editor, various steps can be created an rearranged at will, in order to simulate both a normal assembly process, as well a potential deviations.

    Features include :
  • Accurate reproduction of the assembly process thanks to direct use of CAD designs.
  • Implementation of active pedagogy, with model highlighting and display of multimedia content.
  • Realistic physics-based manipulations, with multiple tools available.
  • Possibility to simulate various process flows within a controlled environment.
  • Intuitive editor allowing to quickly setup a training program.


Aside from our software development activites, we also provide a variety of services related to Augmented and Virtual Reality :

AR/VR Workshops

AR/VR Talks

Technical Consulting

Interested in discovering how Augmented and Virtual Reality can improve the productivity of your organization ? We provide technical guidance and suggest relevent use cases to get you up and running in the XR world.


With our technical experience on various groundbreaking devices (Microsoft HoloLens, RED Hydrogen One), we can make the most of the capabilities of new platforms with few documentation and practical use cases.


Altheria started off in 2016 as a student project dedicated to teaching university-level physics through virtual reality. We were convinced that manipulating objects in a virtual world could help people to better understand their real counterparts. The same belief is still driving us today, as we keep promoting AR and VR as tools for design and communication.

We are incubated at Digityser, and are currenlty taking part in the MoveUp program organized by Digital Attraxion.