Logia is a set of cross-platform, intuitive tools that help you create game-changing VR experiences in a few clicks.

Logia consists in an intuitive online editor that generates VR content readable on a large range of devices.

Meet our intuitive online editor.

Our editor allows you to import Office and PDF documents and to turn them into interactives VR experiences on the fly. A vast array of templates is available in order to ease customization.

One viewer, tens of possibilities.

Thanks to our cross-platform viewer, VR experiences created through our editor can be enjoyed on all of the widely available VR setups.
Use cases


Make your own VR content
Logia allows you to create VR presentations and experiences as easily as you would create a slideshow. You can even import PDF documents and slides in order to showcase them in your presentation.
Share it effortlessly
Our viewer is available on every mainstream VR platform, which means that you can share your content with every person equipped with a sufficiently powerful mobile phone, or a commercial headset.
Visualize and interact
Get access to the content created by the community, and learn about complex systems in a visual and interactive way.


Interactive VR meetings
Each VR experience created through Logia is open to multiple viewers that can simultaneously listen to your speech and interact with your content. Our no-distraction virtual environment provides your team with the ultimate meeting room.
Intuitive data handling
We provide you with an environment that makes it easy to handle complex data through VR visualization. Modify a system component while monitoring its characteristics, or immerse yourself into your company's financial report. Big Data does not mean Big Headache !
Tailormade tools and enhanced support
Benefit from top-notch support from our dedicated experts, and request any feature your specific business might need.


Interactive simulations
It is easier to understand concepts if they materialize before your eyes. We provide your students with a virtual environment where they can observe scientific experiences or be immersed in 3D simulations, all according to your choices.
Lectures, augmented
Logia allows you to switch seamlessly from 2D slides to VR content. And with our interactive meetings functionality, you are able to share it live with your studious audience.
A groundbreaking communication platform
Give your student access to an immersive presentation medium, where they can showcase the advancement of their projects and share data in a dedicated interactive environment.

Getting started
New to Logia ? Discover our tutorials, try using our example projects, or just dive into the documentation.

Would you like to request a demo or have a look at our prototypes ? We would love to hear from you !